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Marcus Rowland & Forgotten Futures

Forgotten Futures News Blog

MARCUS ROWLAND is a London-based laboratory technician and author of FORGOTTEN FUTURES, the Scientific Romance Role Playing Game, a tabletop RPG based on period science fiction and fantasy. The game is published as HTML and graphics files, distributed as shareware. A spinoff project is the FORGOTTEN FUTURES CD-ROM, a growing collection of Victorian and Edwardian novels, articles, stories and illustrations (last update November 2010). A few of these articles are on this site, see the links below. The latest release for the game is FORGOTTEN FUTURES XI: PLANETS OF PERIL, based on Stanley G. Weinbaum's 1930s SF, on line from 20th December 2010. It is included on the current FF CD-ROM.

From 20th November 2010 the fifth FORGOTTEN FUTURES CHARITY CD-ROM is available. This contains Forgotten Futures XI plus a sampler for the full FF CD-ROM. So far the Charity CD-ROMs and other projects have raised more than 1980 for cancer research.


Marcus was the regular games columnist for Odyssey Magazine throughout its life, but the magazine has now ceased publication. Some SF and fantasy published in shared world anthologies in the eighties is here

Marcus is single, and lives with 6000+ books, 1000+ games and supplements, and three pets, Sam Snake, Murphy and Cobb, corn snakes who have more sense than to get involved with role playing games or science fiction. He has occasionally been known to dabble in fanfiction, which can be found on several sites.

He doesn't usually talk about himself in the third person. See his livejournal if you want a more regular update on his life.

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Old Articles Etc.
A few examples of the material on the Forgotten Futures CD-ROM or due to be added in later editions - to save web site space and minimise downloading time some illustrations have been reduced in size:

Books in Microsoft Reader e-book format
For a while I experimented with this format, and there are several books and stories on the FF CD-ROM. Here are a couple of samples:

See some favourite links

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