Danger: Mad Technician At Work

Some of the information that follows may be true...

Marcus was born in 1953, and is an educational laboratory technician, a job best described as working at the blunt edge of science - the picture is a rare shot of him working (Marcus is on the right) during trials of a new chemistry book. He is currently Senior Technician in a large London secondary school; he now leads a team of four technicians in ten laboratories on two sites. He is a former school-governor and the longest-serving member of staff at his school.

He has been a blood donor since the 1970s with 90+ donations as of 2010; he mentions this only to encourage others to volunteer, and not because it makes him feel really noble and smug...

He has been reading science fiction since he was about 8, and still wastes too much money on the stuff. He has been going to SF conventions and meetings since about 1971, and gaming since approximately 1976. He has too much sense to get involved in running SF conventions (much); he ran the games room at two Eastercons, Beccon and Contrivance, but has no great desire to repeat the experience. He often participates in panels and games at conventions, and regularly runs RPGs at conventions.

His hobbies include reading (especially fantasy and science fiction), writing, SF fandom, gaming, computing, herpetology, and trying to find time to sleep. He doesn't usually talk about himself in the third person.


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