From The Windsor Magazine, June-December 1898
Note: illustrations and other images were scanned at 150 DPI for the Forgotten Futures CD-ROM; to reduce file space requirements and speed access they have been reduced in size and stored at for this on-line version.





Illustrated by JOHN H. BACON


Prologue — Chapters I & II
June 1898

Chapters III to VI
July 1898

Chapters VII to IX
August 1898

Chapters X to XII
September 1898

Chapters XIII to XVII
October 1898

Chapters XVII (continued) to XXI
November 1898

When originally published each installment consisted of several chapters; this structure has been kept in this e-text. The second, third, and fourth installments included a synopsis of previous chapters; for some reason it was dropped from the fifth and sixth. These synopses have also been retained. For clarity various letters and newspaper stories quoted in the text have been indented. Decorative letters were used at the start of the first four episodes, and have been retained; the final two parts were printed with plain lettering.