Odyssey Role-Playing Drabble Competition

Readers were asked to submit a character description in exactly 100 words, with no more than 15 additional words for titles (which could include footnotes etc. if desired). I've now judged the competition (aided by Roger Robinson, publisher of the Drabble Project books, and a select panel of friends who turned up at the pub and volunteered to help with word count etc.).

Arthur Goodman of Liverpool was the obvious winner on interest, quality, and everything else I and the other readers could think of. His entry described a Cyberpunk character in a series of Haiku verses and wins a copy of the RPG Everway:

Junji "Abunai" Agatamori, Cyborg Bodyguard.
by Arthur Goodman

he is Nihonjin, but his
outlook is Western.

As a child, healthy.
In his youth, a yakuza.
Now, a bodyguard.

A windfall gets him
the best body that money
can buy! Maito Gai!

In his cyborg shell
harder, faster, stronger than
mere human flesh!

Synthetic coating
of vat grown skin means Junji
looks young forever.

World is full auto.
But a revolver has class;
magnum is stylish.

Vices: two. See him
drink Sukotchi-Rokusu
while smoking Camels.

A sullen loner,
but as nominal leader
he protects his team.

Depression hits him.
What place for Junji in this
Cyberpunk future?

* * * * * * * * * *

Maito Gai = "Dynamite Guy"
Sukotchi-Rokusu = Scotch on the Rocks.

The first runner-up was Steve Jones of Birmingham, who submitted an amusing character for a casual encounter in any fantasy RPG. He wins a copy of the Forgotten Futures CD-ROM:

Lom Lostworld
(Inspired by the Little Old Men who direct the plot in bad fantasy)
by Steve Jones

Reduced to penury by an unsuccessful career as a poet, Lom only discovered his true vocation in old age. He finds an adventuring party at a loose end, goes into a trance and spouts obscure doggerel. Lom has a wide range of disguises; beggar, minstrel, wandering holy man, which he adopts as appropriate.

Giving thanks to the "Dee-Em" or some other god, the adventurers toss him a gold coin or two, and head off into danger. Lom has been surprised how many come back for more advice. Of course those who take him too seriously don't come back at all.

In third place was Nathan Knaack of Michigan, who sent a rather cryptic entry that scores for literary quality and wins a copy of Drabble II, a collection of 100 stories in this format.

Rentantilus Darkwind; the saint, the liar, the sword for hire
by Nathan Knaack

A swordsman, thief, in chaos, grief. A melange of all things stark. The last face you'll ever see, but only if you see well in the dark. His mind: a tempest; his body: corded wire. Obsessed with being the best, doing whatever that goal would require. Will of steel; morals of paper, rescues the damsel just to hate her. He's the shadow, he's the breeze, he's the boil, he's the freeze. To say he's confined to one whim is surely a deep insult to him. Master rogue and cold lover to few, his attention corrodes; it makes you discover you.

Of the remaining entries, none really reached the quality of the winners, although several came close. I've decided not to name the other authors, especially the two who can't count...